Mperial Sportswear

Mperial Sportswear

Looking for customize sportswear, Basketball shorts in particular? Mperial Sportwear has what you need.

Michael Chandler owner and founder of Mperial Sportwear started the business 6 years ago in Los Angelos, California. Michael has always been a basketball player and has had a love for fashion and sneaker culture. When the trend of customize socks began, Michael took interest in designing basketball shorts the same way as the socks. He began by designing shorts that matched both shoes and socks and the rest became history.

Mperial Sportswear brand is such a unique business because of the designs offered and the option to accept customer request even if it’s just for one exclusive item. Mperial Sportwear has clothing ranging from tanks, polo shirts, joggers, hoodies for women, men, and youth. Although Mperial Sportwear is a small business it has gained celebrity and media attention. The company currently has a deal with rapper and songwriter Snoop Dogg and has had their custom shorts featured in December’s 2018 Essence Magazine. The company is online and offers shipping worldwide. Michael plans to expand the brand to retail stores in the future.

Right now Mperial Sportwear appears to be in the market alone in the Central Florida area with no competitors in sight. With that being said Michael still encounters challenges as a black business owner. One of the challenges faced are trying to avoid over utilizing designs that may eliminate other races from buying his brand. Michael said “I love my black folks but they don’t support like others”. His goal to overcome this challenge by designing clothing that will be diverse and appeal to everyone.

Here is Michael response to being a part of Black Business Orlando:

“I recently just joined the Black Business Orlando group. Although I really haven’t had a chance to interact with it much, I look forward to supporting others as well as getting support. I recently found a plant-based chef in the group and since I’m vegan, I’ve already reached out to them to order some meals. I’m looking forward for everyone to see my sportswear business”.

Black Business Orlando!!! Let’s support each other and show love to Mperial Sportswear.


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